What Would You Do?

Last night a person who volunteers with another rescue called me and wanted an opinion on the Desmond Hague dog abuse matter. Since then I have been polling co-workers for opinions and Googling for as much information as I can find in the matter so that I wouldn’t spew my knee jerk reaction but rather make well informed opinion.


I have a terrible curse of being able to see many sides of an issue in many cases (my husband would disagree-I just thought I’d put that one out there) and can drive myself crazy with “What ifs.”

By working just six football games, this group generally makes around $5000 for their rescue, and that constitutes their number one fundraising avenue for the entire year. I have no idea what the operating budget is for this group, but my impression is that this is a significant portion of it. Do they work and take the money and help countless other animals, or boycott because of the treatment of one animal?


Naturally, like anyone who has been caught, Desmond Hague is sorry. His apology is pitiful and seems full of lies. He states that he was frustrated with a friend’s dog and that this behavior is out of character but the dog in the video has been proven to be his. This dog exhibits behaviors to make one think this was not a one-time incident, so is Desmond Hague a liar and a habitual animal abuser? Who’s to know?


For the employees of Centerplate and those many groups who stand to gain financially, where does moral ground end and practical matters begin? How easy would it be to find another job, another large fundraiser? Many people have expressed the desire to boycott buying concessions at a Centerplate venue, of which I believe there are 13, including Notre Dame, the Superdome, 49er’s new stadium, Fedex Field, Qualcomm Stadium, and Belmont Park just to name a few. Some of these places are issuing statements which will allow for individuals to bring in food, acknowledging that both the team and Centerplate may lose money.


The dog in question has been taken into custody and awaits adoption to a better life, Hague, if convicted faces up to two years in jail and a $75,000 fine and a ban on animal ownership.


So, what are your thoughts on the matter?

4 thoughts on “What Would You Do?

  1. We all know that life moments can be frustrating and moments with adults, kids, dogs can sometimes test your limits. It is never ok to physically (or for that matter mentally) abuse a living creature. That dog is completely submissive and laying down and he is kicking and jerking his leash. Imagine what he’d do that poor animal if it was acting out in any way. We need stricter penalties for animal abuse (and bullying of any kind!). It’s not ok.

  2. Ookay. I have a mouthful to say based on my experiences as a rescuer, former concession worker, and small business owner.

    The last two summers I worked the sports and entertainment (concessions) division of a small seafood/burger chain called Ivars/Kidd Valley, over here in Seattle. They were a great SMALL business to work for. They treat their employees well, and reward good work ethic with things like actual raises and monetary bonuses. Unfortunately, when working in the concessions world, small businesses often have to operate under umbrella corporations like CenterPlate. In my experience centerplate employees are not encouraged to work hard, are poorly managed, and all the good ones are underpaid and burned out. So setting aside even the animal abuse issues with the CEO of Center Plate, look at how he is allowing his employees (people) to be treated on a daily basis. Yes, you could volunteer at a mega corporation like this and have a FRACTION of what they make donated to your cause…OR you could look into a small business like Ivars/Kidd Valley that also supports various non-profits (Ivars pays $75 per person 21+ and $50 per minor). The assistant director of the division for Ivars even runs his own dog rescue, and has been a great mentor and supporter of mine. While some of the profits for this small business still go into the pockets of Center Plate, it is a much better feeling to work for a business that is not only supporting things like rescue, but also treating its employees like actual people and not slave labor.

    I encourage you to do what you believe is right because there are other ways to make just as much money without forfeiting your beliefs and convictions.

    Alright…Off soap box.

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