My Writing Process

A couple of weeks ago I was nominated by Emmett Maggie at Oh My Dog to take part in the My Writing Process Blog Tour. It sounded pretty simple, after all there were only three questions to answer and you get a couple of weeks to complete the task, so I agreed. Um, what in the name of holy waffles was I thinking?? I’ve barely written anything in the past few weeks, so this has either come at a horrible time or just in the nick of time to get a kick start back to a fairly stable writing schedule.

Question #: 1 What are you working on? Well, depending on your point of view, nothing or lots of things. I usually have a few Peaceabull posts rattling around in my head and I have at least three Doggyloot assignments yet to fulfill.

#2 Why do you write what you do? I’ve blogged for well over a decade, but only sporadically and for the longest time about the human aspect of my life and I found that even while writing to a faceless blogosphere, I’m not a good sharer. I actually started this blog (on another platform before transferring to WP) in my mind even before Ray came to live with us. I had such grand plans for Ray and our future together as Breed Ambassadors that I knew the only thing to do was to begin a blog to chronicle these feats of wonderful pit bull-ness. What this actually became was an avenue to meet other animal lovers and be a part of a very special community. Being able to share ups and downs and discuss all matters dog has been incredible and has allowed me to sprinkle in a bit about the humans of the assembly once again.

#3 How does your writing process work? Typically an idea will pop into my head and I let it simmer for a bit while I try to decide if the idea can be built upon into an entire post or if it is more fitting as a Facebook status. If I think I can expand it to at least a few paragraphs, I will begin writing it but unless I get completely stuck, I rarely save drafts to be finished later. I will hold a draft until finished and then publish but generally if I feel it is going to need many touches, I usually save it as a Word document instead. The thought of a bunch of unfinished drafts sitting in my dashboard makes me feel twitchy.

Well, there you have it. Not very exciting but that is the method behind my madness and now my task, since this is a hop, is to nominate three other bloggers to answer the same questions and to nominate three others. So, without further ado, I nominate:

Erie-sisti-Bull. Hannah writes about her two gorgeous Pit Bulls, Edison and Tesla, and their triumphs as well as challenges. The posts are easy reads with fun pictures included and they are a great part of the dog blog community as well as being great ambassadors in their hometown of Erie.

The Beagle Bratz.  Well, everyone who reads them knows they are the writers of their blog, although their mom chimes in occasionally. Definitely one of our blog buddies and a fun read.

My Two Pitties.  I love, love, love the photographs of this crew and the stories about how great the dogs and cat get along are inspiring.

So, there you have it, go forth and read.

4 thoughts on “My Writing Process

  1. Mom Kim here – thank you for tagging me and letting me know. I have been trying to get to your blog since you moved but when I remember to check it out – seems like I am at work at those times and my work (government) computer won’t let me access your blog (something about the blog content).

    Actually Team Beaglebratz was tagged a few weeks ago by Oz the Terrier but between my antique computer and trying to find time to finish the process post I have started plus trying to do all the other posts in Blogville – but I really do plan on finishing that post and finding the other three names I need to tag – so many have done it already. I enjoyed reading what you wrote about your process – maybe I should dump some of my drafts.

  2. Thanks for tagging us! I cracking up about your comment “what in the name of holy waffles was I thinking??” I haven’t written much in weeks either! I was also surprised by the awesome, supportive and helpful community of animals lovers I would “meet” through blogging.

    Ok…I’m gonna get started on this thing!

  3. It’s utterly inexcusable that it’s taken me this long to reply to this post!! (I had this “time management” idea to read posts once/week. Of course, I logged into Feedly for the first time this week today. 183 unread posts. Fail. Obviously, I need a new plan.) This is going to sound nuts, but it actually never occurred to me to start working on posts in Word. That is seriously such a brilliant idea! I hate having unfinished drafts in WP, too, so I usually write then publish, but that would alleviate some of the twitchiness. Such a great idea!! And thanks for sharing your thoughts on writing. So interesting to read how everyone does things so differently!

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