Walk of Fame

Oh what a difference a week can make.  Actually, what a difference one week, a lot of support, a blog post, more support, a pack order, a Halti, and more support can make. 


After last week’s debacle of a walk and all of the uplifting comments we received, including some learnings for the group as a whole, we had a most enjoyable and very successful walk to date.  Others acknowledged that the previous walk felt rushed and there was an air of “let’s get through this” of which I admit I was feeling the same of.


Freedom Harness

Freedom Harness

Each week we’ve been meeting at a different location.  This week I made it my mission to be at least 10 minutes early and subsequently made it on time, though we allowed for the new location and waited several minutes longer.  We took the time to do verbal introductions again and then fell into our newly assigned pack order.  Juli took up the lead with his buddy Clyde (you’ll be reading more about him in the future) and a head Halti that he borrowed from Dahey, Ray’s littermate (!).  He hated the Halti, but only enough to keep him from screeching. About a quarter of the way through the walk, I adjusted the clip to the leash and Julius seemed happier with the slighter bit of freedom.

We trod a path that was a nice mix of nature and civilization so we encountered several dogs, bikers, joggers, walkers and such with a lot more success for the entire group.  Knowing we were all supportive of each other really was a difference maker in the tone and feel of the walk.

If  you happen to live in the Fort Wayne area and are interested in joining this great group, check out the link and fill out an application.  We’re a young group and still figuring things out, but there’s always room for more!

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