As Told by Julius

Hey there blog readers, Julius here.  I recently discovered that my big brother Ray had been invited to write on Mama’s blog in the past and Mama has even allowed other dogs to write for her.  Sometimes I hear the family say that I’m simple and just overshadowed by my brother who is “very, very smart.”


But Mama and I have a little secret.  She says, “Ray, you’re so smart and Juli, you’re so sweet,” but then she whispers in my ear, “Juli, you’re smart too.”

If you ask me, I’m the perfect, well-rounded dog.

I’m handsome and suave.


I’m also friendly and a good role model and when I volunteer for the Allen County SPCA Mama brings home foster dogs I welcome them and show them a good time.


I also get to go fun places like doggy day play where I play with other dogs and am what Mama calls an Ambassador.  Does Mr. Bigshot Ray get to do that?  I don’t think so.

Kitties love tolerate me and I’m good with babies.

IMG953107-1 20130831_153043


I also get to go to Pack Walks on Sunday morning not because I need to learn better manners or because Ray’s legs hurt but just because I’m the special one, I’m sure.

And let me just leave you with a couple of nuggets to mull over.  Fifteen months ago I had decided to get the heck out of my neighborhood and into a warm home with fluffy pillows. so  when I found my Mama wandering the streets with Rapunzel I made up my mind to blow that lemonade stand and see just how far my charm could take me.


So, I ask you…simple or simply brilliant?

4 thoughts on “As Told by Julius

  1. There are many different types of smartypants in this world, Julius! I always say that Kaya is the one in our family who is “book smart” and Norman can’t learn a trick to save his life, but he makes up for it with intuition:)

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