No Haters

No Haters

A bit of a rant.

Chances are that if you’re reading this you’re pretty much an internet user of some sort, right? I mean after all, there is very little these days that can’t be accessed through the illuminated glow of a computer (tablet or phone) screen. My own dear hubby likes to poke fun at friends who still rely on the paper version of a newspaper to get their updates of current affairs, although he is of an age group (as am I) of the “remember-whens.”

Although I do remember when we played outside unsupervised till dusk and drank from the garden hose, I also remember getting candy-jacked on Halloween and receiving a slew of “obscene” phone calls to our home. Those were the good old days, weren’t they? The caller was eventually caught, but because he was an “upstanding citizen” (a teacher!) in our community, his punishment was that neither my sister nor myself could ever be in one of his classes. My point is not to dredge up old business but to reiterate that even the “good old days” have some tarnish and things just can’t beblack and white when there are so many wonderful shades of gray.

As an engaged user of the webs, I’ve found it pretty easy to pick my battles. I don’t “unfriend” people for differing viewpoints but I do “unfollow” a constant stream of negativity. The fact is that in roughly the past five years or so, I’ve unfriended one person, blocked one person and unfollowed two. That’s it. I fully expect that some of my friends don’t want to see “dogs all day” so they surely have unfollowed me as well? I can dig it.

What really rankles me, though are the “Haters for Christ.” The latest to hit my periphery is that I’ve learned that God hates pit bulls. I’m confused. Granted, I will admit that I have not read much of The Good Book, so there may be a passage about pit bulls or a few pasages about how it’s okay to single out specific groups or colors or individuals that we don’t know or understand for the purposes of spreading God’s Hate. How are these unfortunate sinners to know that they are “bad” unless someone “good” can come and judge them? Well, as a pit bull owner, sitting in my single wide crack den (I’ve learned that we are all trailer trash, drug dealers), I’ve learned that I don’t need to engage in online battles and I don’t need to justify myself or my dogs. I prefer to surround myself with other simple “sinners” who look for the good in others, who help those in their hour of need without question, who give without conditions and love without boundaries.

I’ll take that any day of the week.

3 thoughts on “Intolerance-Tolerance

  1. I’ve had to block certain websites posted by one Facebook friend that are obviously anti-pit bull. She’s definitely not a bible thumper, but she has openly admitted to fearing and hating the breed for a dog bite incident a family member experienced. Whether they are thumpers or just pure haters, I think the common thread across the group is that they are fine with remaining ignorant, fine with not investigating otherwise. Their loss, but too bad they are so vocal with their ignorance.

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