Dogs as Art

While I do have some dog-centric art in our home, I don’t feel like there’s too much or even enough yet. (The hubby might disagree). The thing is, until recently I had lots of photos of other dogs in our home.


Recognize any of them? This is a portion of a collection I’ve gathered from participating in fundraisers, whether it’s been for Handsome Dan or Strut Your Mutt or even smaller fund raisers for blog dogs.

Well, I finally found some frames I like and made some prints of the Peaceabull boys to adorn my shelves and will be planning to commission some more art this year.

Hmmm…is this post s hint of some sort?

7 thoughts on “Dogs as Art

  1. You’re making me want to print photos of my dogs. Awww. We do have a portrait of Herbie that a friend of mine drew in the bedroom, but that’s about it. My horse is all over the walls… doesn’t seem fair suddenly…

  2. I feel the same way: not quite enough dog art yet! Over the last couple years I’ve been slowly increasing, but there’s always room for more! ๐Ÿ™‚

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