Moving. Again.

It’s so hard to get back to writing after an absence. I feel like there are too many topics that have been left to mull over in my head and the act of sorting them is just paralyzing and daunting. What are the big things that have happened and are they noteworthy enough to write about? What are the silly things and should we write about those? Well, rather than worry about the “right” post, we’ll talk about the “right now.”

So, a full month has passed since my “Meh” post and my evening of wallow after which I picked myself up, bought shoes, wine and got on with life. In the wake of our trip to Utah, several things happened very quickly. Our first thoughts while out West-and upon returning-were that we were going to sell the house, pack up and move to Kanab. Yep, jumping in with both feet, I tell you.
When our jets finally cooled and calmer, less passionate heads prevailed, we knew it would be best to shelf that idea for, oh maybe a decade or so.

But, hey, while we’re talking about packing up and moving a mere sixteen months after having just done it, let’s look at some ranch-style homes to alleviate the up and down the stairs situation. So on February 10th we looked at two homes, ranches on basements which needed way too much work which we rejected, and scheduled a showing at another home on the 11th. I was originally opposed to looking at the third home. It was less than a mile away from our current home and it just made the whole process seem too ridiculous. This home would probably end up being a comp to our current home. Nevertheless, we toured the house on Wednesday and wouldn’t you know, we both agreed that we wanted to make an offer. That’s right, folks, just two weeks after returning from Utah, we basically bought a new house.

After very minimal negotiating, our offer was accepted and the following Monday while we were meeting with our mortgage guy, our current house listing went “live” and by the time we left his office, we had our first showing scheduled for that evening! Considering we had our (other) former house on the market on and off for nearly three years, to say we were blown away would be an understatement. We ended up having that showing Monday evening, another on Tuesday evening, two on Thursday and two on Saturday. Saturday’s were very interesting as one was put on the schedule very early in the week but the other? On Friday, Kevin noticed a vanful of people “stalking” the house-driving by slowly, stopping and pointing, circling the block and the whole nine yards. About an hour later, they scheduled the other Saturday showing , but they scheduled themselves to be ahead of the existing couple.

Now, I’m going to venture to guess that anyone reading this has or had dogs and if you’ve had your house on the market at all you probably know about the showing dance. For us, keeping the house that ready for the week was nerve-wracking enough but then I’d have to load both dogs into the Pittie van and figure out where to go and what to do while we waited and if they happened to feel they were missing out on a great bye-bye opportunity, we’d have to take a bonus walk just to get them back out of the van. Luckily for us, one of the Saturday families made an offer and we were able to cancel Sunday’s Open House and the showings scheduled for Sunday and Monday.

So yeah, we’re moving from our perfectly painted move-in ready home to a slightly smaller home with way fewer stairs for Ray and I to have to deal with. We closed on the new house on March 16th and have had worker bees in stripping wall paper (goodbye burgundy and forest green) and doing flooring ever since.

Painters are finishing up at the new house while the movers are loading up the old. Drama.

5 thoughts on “Moving. Again.

  1. I cannot imagine the challenges of maintaining “show condition” in our home with Ray always on the alert for “unwelcome guests”!

    “Welcome. Please feel free to wander around but excuse today’s fur all over the place, and please don’t trip over Ray’s toys. When you are in the kitchen, Ray will likely be right with you and expecting a treat. Please forgive him if he barks really loud as that is just his way of saying ‘can you hurry up with my treat?’ Please don’t move sideways or backwards without checking first because Ray has this habit of trying to trip people up and, I must mention, Ray does not like strangers to pat his head. By the way, please do a finger count before you leave ….. just in case!”

  2. Congratulations! I can’t believe that happened so fast! My parents are on the hunt for a one story in our are & it has proved daunting. Our area is so hilly, there are barely any level lots. Can’t wait to hear more about your new home!

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