Wednesday Woe

Many of you know by now, that we lost one of our little puppies.  Our Joy is gone.  She left this world just before noon on Tuesday and I’ve made her final arrangements to come home to us.  It’s ironic that occasionally I’d read about someone (usually a foster or rescue) who loses a dog after just a very short time and they are all broken up about it.  I’m usually a bit pragmatic about it thinking “you hardly know that dog.”  But now I “get it.”

Yesterday I was briefly sad, but mostly distraught thinking of the 6 remaining souls in my care.  We had to ensure that their environment remained clean and safe so that we could get these babies to their forever homes.  Already a freaky maniac about cleaning, I re-cleaned, re-bleached, and re-disinfected (hospital strength)  everything I could think of.  The remaining puppies were tested and as of now are all negative but that only slightly eases my mind and makes me even more vigilant than before.

Today, I’m kind of a wreck.

It’s sinking in that one of my little charges has moved on and as I randomly allow myself to feel the pain of her loss, I also am comforted by the thought that she has a whole crew of souls who have moved on to welcome her and one of our followers wrote this:

“The puppies (sic) eyes blinked open as the light shone down.  No pain? No hurt? What was this? A small child cried in the corner; scared no doubt. Then the puppy knew.  She was needed.  She approached the child, eyes wide, scared herself, and then the two embraced in everlasting love for all eternity.” That was Joy’s essence and I believe she left us so that she could comfort that little lost soul.

That was our Joy.

I’d like to thank everyone who has donated to our GoFundMe.  It has allowed us the treatment for Joy.  Our puppies are not completely out of the woods yet, so we will continue to share the link and until they are safe, I won’t relax.

(When the puppies returned from the Vet’s office, there may or may not have been a crazy woman following them, taking pictures of their poop, just to make sure it was “good.”)

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Woe

  1. Oh, I am so very sorry for your loss 😦 At least she had an amazing foster home and a family to love her during her short little life – she was loved; that’s what matters. I definitely know how easy it is to get attached to dogs in short periods of time. I transported an elderly black Lab across the state (about a 3-hour drive), and when I found out 3 weeks later that she had passed, I cried and cried. It doesn’t take long for a dog to win your heart. Run free, sweet Joy ❤

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