Sugar Marie

So often we read angry, outraged posts from people admonishing rescues for pulling puppies and leaving the Mama to die languish in a shelter. It is a despicable practice and I’m not  going to lie, I hate that it happens and yet I can see a bit why it occurs.  Puppies are generally easy to adopt and often really have a quick “turn around” time in rescue or foster homes.  Saggy, worn out mamas? Not so much and rescues have not only monetary but space considerations to deal with, so while I absolutely hate it, well, no I just absolutely hate it and can’t find a good justification.

I’m pretty proud that both organizations with which I am associated do not subscribe to that practice and our little Candy Bar family was no different. As a matter of fact, that subject was never discussed and it was always a mama and her puppies that we discussed pulling.  When the little family arrived, many of my co-workers as well as people among the internets commented that they would find it hard to not foster fail-especially puppies but I knew that my puppy having days were well over after Ray, so I felt pretty secure that I wouldn’t foster fail.

On the flip side, when Asia recently announced that she would be buying a house and moving out, my first thought (and that of so many of our friends in Animal Rescue) was, “Good! Now you can foster!”  You know where this is headed, right?


Yeah, my daughter gets attached, it’s true, but her reasoning for wanting Sugar to join the family were good ones, her only hesitancy was that Sugar may be already attached to me, which I explained Sugar seemed grateful for the clean place to land and the good food, but I didn’t feel she was especially attached.  So we sent Sugar off for a few overnight, girls only pajama parties to give her a feel for how life might be and to give her a bit of a break from the Sugar babies that remained at that time.  It turns out that the babies were fine, Sugar was fine and now  we are just waiting for the milk to dry up so she can be spayed (and have a much needed dental cleaning).

Sugar is actually a very good fit for Asia and my granddaughter.  She is small, sweet, gentle and good in all of the situations we’ve had her in so far.


Sugar is around five years old and no stranger to that puppy making life, as the candy bar crew was certainly not her only litter.  She most likely has not ever received any vetting but she is a lovely little soul who seemingly gets along  with all of the dogs she’s met so far (even won over Ray) and seems to not give two hoots about the cats, so that’s a bonus.

I love that she is such great friends with Julius already and that she and Ray are on good terms as well.  I do love her but not as my own dog and I know she feels the same about me.  If I really had to guess, I’d say she knows where her home is.


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