Squirrel Hunter

I”ve been enjoying seeing all of the pictures of little Julius from his Gotcha Day Month and have been feeling both tender and nostalgic. He has grown from a gangly pup to a confident (and still gangly) dog about town who is a great ambassador. He also occupies his free time by patrolling the back yard in defense of squirrels and chipmunks. He knows exactly where the chipmunks live and heads over to their hideaway every morning and can stalk a squirrel as if he is a panther.

What better way to honor Juli’s special occasion than with a new Sirius Republic collar?

Seeing  the Squirrel design made it very clear that Julius probably wouldn’t be able to function properly with out said collar and since I wanted the occasion to use our Fort Wayne Pit Bull Coalition rescue partner code, (RPFW95) how could I resist?

 How completely perfect is this one?

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