Pretty Slick

For some reason I’ve become obsessed with obtaining a yellow rain slicker. Well, I can actually think of several reasons. Being outside in the rain with dogs calls for something as useful as a slicker that is easily cleaned of muddy paw prints. A yellow slicker just seems iconic and timeless as well. I’m also not a huge fan of dull colored coats. While I do have a long black coat, I tend to wear my red or my cobalt coat way more often. 

Well, although I’ve searched the Internet for a slicker that strikes my fancy I have found these adorable slickers. 

These are packable into their own little pouch so I could actually hook them onto a leash and look! My boys are just too cute in their own yellow slickers. 

Although I ordered these to have for other seasons, I’m thankful for the mild December we’ve had. 

What’s one unseasonable thing you’ve been enjoying?

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