Marley Monday-A Plea

If you’ve been following along for Marley’s story, I apologize for the lapse.  Marley is doing well.  He and his foster dad are more than dog and foster person.  They are best friends.  Without revealing any personal details that are not mine to share, let’s just say that they each needed the other in a way that neither realized.  Well, maybe Marley realized how much he needed a loving home, but Foster Dad may have come to the realization more slowly. While I would love to tell you more about how perfect these guys are to each other, I’m going to leave that for another day.

Today as Marley enters month two of his heartworm treatment, I’m asking that if any of you Marley fans has an extra dollar or two or a spare change jar that you consider helping a fellow out but sending a couple of dollars his way.  The Fort Wayne Pit Bull Coalition is setting up a Go Fund Me to help offset some of the cost of his treatment.  In addition to Marley’s slow kill treatment, we’ve covered the cost of a hernia surgery for an owned dog whose people were not able to fund, we’ve spayed and neutered owned dogs and have covered the cost of surgery for a dog who was adopted through our program.  That leaves Marley’s treatment fund a bit short without some help from his friends.

Thanks for considering him as you plan your budget this week.


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