Nearly Wordless Wednesday

First, thanks to all of you for being such good sports. Last year Corbin did something similar and I nearly freaked out reading it. I actually am not a fan of April Fool’s pranks, but this one just set itself up so nicely. Anyhow, Tora was on television yesterday and I’m confident that she will be in a great home soon.

So, as you may have seen, we’ve been hinting about the fun place Asia went over the weekend and about who she got to meet. I think she is going to guest blog about it soon, but here’s a picture to whet your appetite.

That’s right, she got to meet the fabulous Miss M, Miss M’s “servants” and her dog, Mr. B! WOOT! (I’m not even jealous only a little jealous completely jealous.)

Wordless Wedesday

Poor little hand-me-down brother syndrome continues as Julius will not have a fancy collar to wear for Christmas. This picutre was taken October 22 and he has already outgrown this collar.

Along the same note, Kevin and I were discussing buying Ray a new Ruffwear winter coat and naturally, Julius will have to wear the hand me down puffer jacket. The funniest part is that Julius is now taller than Ray, only not quite as bulky yet. Someday he will be able to wear firsties, too.