Do Good, Look Great

Though the Peace-a-Bull boys have a fairly extensive collar collection (maybe not like this one-but whose is?!) I’m always looking to add to it and if I can do that and give back at the same time, it’s always a win-win.

As nearly everyone in the Blogosphere knows, Sirius Republic is one of those companies that fit the above bill and I’m hoping that all of our real life friends will make that discovery as well.  I’m often told that the gals at Juli’s Day Play wait to see what collar he will be sporting upon arrival and it is rare that we don’t get compliments on the collars when we are out and about.


What I love about these collars besides the adora-bility is the durability.  I have every single Sirius collar we’ve ever purchased and they look fantastic.


We’ve partnered with them in the past to provide some embroidered Adopt Me collars for the pooches at Allen County SPCA and after two years of hard wear, they are still going strong.

Glamour, now Kya, modeling the goods.

Glamour, now Kya, modeling the goods.

Now you and I have an opportunity to help another great local organization and one that is pretty obviously near and dear to my heart.  The Fort Wayne Pit Bull Coalition is a local non-profit  which strives “to improve the conditions for Pit Bull type dogs in Northern Indiana through education, public awareness and by providing resources for Pit Bulls in need” and also as recently as this year has begun much more of a focus on rescue work. In the few months that I have been more active, we’ve not only adopted some wonderful dogs to great homes, but we’ve helped two families with compassion fosters, by fostering the dogs so that their people could get on their feet and provide all the necessities.  Yeah, I’m pretty proud of that stuff.

But what can we do?  Shop.

Head on over to the Sirius Republic website, build a custom collar for your beloved pooch (or kitty!) and at check out, enter the code RPFW95 so that the Pit Bull Coalition will earn up to 20% back from your purchase!  What’s that you say?  You want to buy a collar but don’t have a furry friend?  Head to Sirius Republic, customize a collar and they will embroider “Adopt Me” on it for no extra cost and you can have it sent* to the Pit Bull Coalition!

Remember that code!  RPFW95

Thanks for helping out the blockheads of Northeast Indiana while making your dog look Mah-velous.

*P.O. Box 13064

Fort Wayne,IN 46867

The Difference in Inches

IMG_1914Here is where I might cop to doing a bit of online shopping occasionally from work various devices and I often find it both annoying and challenging to get something ordered for the dogs if I don’t have them nearby.  I might be perusing a site or reading a blog recommendation and decide that the boys absolutely can’t live without whatever the item du jour is but be foiled by a lack of handy measurements.  Then like a lightbulb or a flash I read about one of my blog buddies making up a spread sheet of her dogs’ measurements to always have handy.  (I could swear it was Hannah, but I can’t find the specific post.) 

Well, I immediately stole her idea copied her sheet and made a few modifications then when I got home I set out to measure my beasts.  Only I struggle with it.  I usually buy them martingale collars, so if the measurements are a bit off, it’s ok but ordering buckle collars has become a bit of a huge fail.  I can measure those boys over and over and still come up with different measurements.  And how can Ray be 2-3 inches longer than Julius?  Why are their necks an inch or two different when they can wear the same collar?  And if they are standing or looking ahead or down that seems to affect the neck measurement by several inches.  If I measure wrong will their collars strangle them?  Ugh! What am I missing?




So after a bit of searching, I found this nice handy visual to use for when I remeasure for the next round of purchases. (Honey, avert your eyes.) So now all I need to do is remember to load the measurements in all of my devices or at least my dropbox.

Do you ever have issues with inconsistent sizing?