Dog Legs

Last Thursday, Ray was nine weeks old and had been with us for just a day short of two weeks.  In that time, he has outgrown two shirts and is nearly bursting the velcro on his jacket.  Even though he is all pink pot bellied baby around the midsection, I can see that his legs have grown taller, his chest and shoulders are getting deeper and muscular and I’ve already had to loosen his collar.  Little Ray now weighs in at over eleven pounds, nearly doubling his weight in two weeks.
I’ve noticed that his little legs and paws that were pudgy and chunky like a baby’s are now more substantial.  Dog legs.  He is still very puppy-ish, but sturdy and solid.  …And outgrowning his clothes at an alarming rate.
The best thing about this week and the addition of the tire toy shown here is that lunging and nipping are slowly decreasing.

I’m still counting down the days until he can socialize a little more and start puppy classes.  Exercising his mind and body alike are going to be key for this little fella.  What are some of your dogs favorite toys?

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