Not Too Cool for School

Last night was our first session of puppy class.  I think obedience/training is important for all dogs and especially their owners but even more important for “bully breeds.”  In order to be good ambassadogs, we as a team need to put our best foot and paw forward and do everything we can to promote good citizenship.  The best way to do that is for me to learn to be the best owner I can be.  With the proper tools, practice and lots of treats, we will get there.
Class consists of 5 pups all under six months of age.  Ray is the youngest but of the five, he is exactly in the middle in terms of size.  We have Juno the mastiff, Caemus (sp?) the weimaraner, Ray, a cute little bichon mix whose name starts with M but escapes me at the moment, and Izzy the chihuahua.  Great class, very low key and positive conducted in a wonderful atmosphere.  All of the other pups have had exposure to other dogs except for Ray, who really hasn’t seen another dog since he left his litter.  We do have to neighbor dogs who bark from the other side of the fence, but he hasn’t really “met” them.  So, this week, Pitbull spent the  first 45 minutes of class hiding behind Mommy.  He did well in lessons from his hidey spot, but not until the end did he decide he wanted to play and socialize with the others.  After class he didn’t want to go home! 

Once home, he was ready for some serious sack time. Off to bed with nary a peep and this morning, we got in some good practice time before work.  With a little patience and a lot of treats, we just might get each other trained right.

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