Feline Friday

“Did Asia tell you what Boo Kitty did to Ray?”  I thought it was a simple enough question and conversation starter, but for some reason that sent my husband into hysterics, running up to Asia’s room to relay what I said.
Boo Kitty is our oldest kitty.  She is the matriarch of the family and mother to Jae and our beloved ET, who is at the bridge.  As near as we can tell, she is at least 14 years old and though she is enjoying a mostly peaceful retirement, was a hell of a good mouser in her day.  Not just mice, either.  If it scurried, hopped, or flew on the property it was fair game.  Manys the time this little nine pound kitty would be dragging home a rabbit larger than herself. 
These days, Boo is content to find a soft spot in the sunshine to sleep in and have her treats delivered to her in the morning.  She sleeps between us nearly every night and asks nothing more than to not be bothered.

Unfortunately for her, I brought the puppy with me upstairs to ask Asia a question. Asia and Boo were in Asia’s room watching TV, presumably “hiding” from Ray but upon seeing Boo, the tail began to whip and so I let him on the bed under good supervision to attempt to make friends with Boo Kitty.  While he did pretty well, bowing and wagging to her, he also with his possible boxer feet pawed at her.  Back went the ears, out came the hissy face and claws and Ray received a couple of good whaps right across the lug-head before Boo made her way under the bed, voicing her displeasure all the way.
So when Kevin came home, Asia said to him, “Did Mommy tell you what Ray did to Boo Kitty?”

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