"Ray-tail" Therapy

As I mentioned previously, Ray has been feeling pretty confident as the King of the Kitchen, ruling from the safety of Mommy’s lap.  In an effort to keep up with his training and also improving his socialization skills, Asia and I took Ray for a little outing on Saturday.
The morning started out pretty rough.  Six a.m. came very early to me and Ray was pretty wound up, deciding I made a good chew toy. Discovering we were down to only one bottle of water sent me into tears since naturally, that bottle had to go to Ray and the kitties, not to my coffee maker. Feeling pretty stressed and overwhelmed, I considered begging for a weekend foster to take on just so that Ray would have someone other than me to play with but we eventually dozed in front of the TV and both woke to a better outlook.
That afternoon, Asia, Ray and I loaded up and headed off to The Green Dog for some cat food and socialization.  There were several other pups in visiting and Ray, tentative at first, had a nice little romp with some of the other patrons.  He did so well and didn’t want to leave the store but we loaded back up and went to PetSmart which was super busy.  This was a great opportunity for some socialization and a little more shopping. 
I have to admit to feeling a little tentative whenever entering a new situation with Ray.  SOmetimes I feel like I’m expecting to be shunned or that people will run away screaming from the Pitbull. Also, knowing that an affiliate of  PetSmart,  the PetSmart Hotels or doggy day camp with their bully ban made me nervous.  “What are you going to say he is, if they ask,” Asia wondered. 
“Hopefully they won’t, but I think it just their hotels, not the stores,” I said.
Our reception, that day was great, though.  An abundance of “awwwws,” requests to “pet the puppy” and even “there he is, can we pet him?” from aisles away. 
Ray scored some new tops that were 75% off, I got a back seat cover for the truck (which might not work) and the kitties even got a new crinkle, twinkle tunnel to play with.
I really wish we lived closer to this kind of shopping but in the meantime, we will continue working with his behaviors and do as much socializing as we can.
How was your weekend?

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