Ray’s Ladies

Naturally, every boy’s first love is his mama.  I don’t have brothers that I grew up close with, I don’t have a son, I didn’t even grow up with close boy cousins but the gals at work have sons and told me when we found out Asia was expecting that boys always love their mamas.
Does that translate in the animal world?  I think so.  Before we brought Ray home, Jae and Miko were mama’s boys and BooKitty was daddy’s girl.  All three loved Asia mostly because she is quiet and catlike, so I believe they viewed her as one of them.  Granted, she is the only one of them with opposable thumbs, enabling her to dispense treats.
Ray loves all the family members but as you may have guessed is very much mama’s boy.  That certainly can’t come as much of a shock to anyone, but what came as a bit if a shock to me was that he gave his first pittie smile this weekend.  And it wasn’t for me.  I wasn’t there and didn’t even get to see it.  It wasn’t for Asia, who brings him delicious treats and wears an ankle bracelet with bells, though she did get to see it.  It was for his new love, his midday walker, Asia’s friend Becca.  Becca stopped by to visit with Asia over the weekend and apparently Ray never left her side.  She got him to go potty when Asia couldn’t and as a reward, she earned the big pittie smile.  Oh, they grow so fast.
On another note, Ray also ventured over to Van Wert for a mani/pedi at Emme Lu’s where he was pretty liberally handing out puppy kisses to Heather and he scored some new tasty treats for training.  I found that he gets bored with his treats pretty quickly so I like to have a variety available.  As we head into Tuesday and class, or as I’m beginning to call it, “Ray’s crazyville,”  I know I’m going to need the tastiest and most tempting treats I can get.  At least I can take satisfaction in that he does his proper behaviors well at home, we just need to help him flip the super excited switch off.
What’s on tap for your week?

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