Feline Friday-The Great "Outdoors"

Both Jae and Miko are basically inside only cats.  By basically, I mean Jae loves to go outside but his trips are always closely supervised and confined to the patio.  He is a grass eater and consequently a grass puker so as soon as he heads for the tasty green blades, he is relegated back to the safety of the house.  Miko, on the other hand, has absolutely no desire to go out of those doors and onto the patio.  He loves to lay in a warm pool of sunshine on the soft carpet but if the door is opened he scampers away as if he’s about to be tortured.  I imagine whatever time he spent wandering the mean streets of Fort Wayne before being picked up by ACC have cured him of ever wanting to leave the house.

There is, however, a type of “outside” that the boys are allowed to enjoy with relatively little supervision and that is the garage.  The boys will typically stand at the door and meow to “go out.”  They don’t explore out there as much as they spend time lounging from the hoods or roofs of our vehicles.  Being that we have a pick up and an SUV, they are able to reign from some altitude.  In the winter months they gravitate toward the most recently driven vehicle or the top of the freezer, which must be warmer for them.  I like being able to give them some adventure time in a place where they are still safe.  I know the garage might not seem like a safe place to some, but we don’t typically keep anything in there that the boys could get into and get sick on. 

It has recently become a nice haven from you-know-who as well.
We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather and whatever makes you happy!

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