Weekend Fun

What a glorious weekend in Indiana.  We have been completely spoiled these past two weekends with unseasonable temperatures which have allowed us some pretty serious hanging out on the patio time.  This weekend we got some of our summer gear out of storage over the weekend such as our lawn ornamentation, the furniture cushions and the solar lights.  Kevin even got the lawn mowed.  I imagine we’re going to pay in spades over the insects this summer since we’ve not had many sub-freezing days.
Ray being a December baby has not been typically excited about spending much time outside until lately but we try to be outside as much as possible when the weather permits.  These past two weekends have really been enjoyable for him as I’ve noticed a new reluctance to come inside.  Since we spend so much time on the patio I wanted to find a nice cushion for Ray as well so that I could have him nearby without having him lie on the concrete.  I actually scored big time with a weatherproof cushion that I found at WM for under $30.  It’s even big enough and strong enough that he’ll be able to use it for many years (I hope.)
You can see the pet cushion in the background.

I didn’t even know he could get up there.

 So even though he was on his cushion quite a bit over the weekend, the only pics I got were of  Ray after he sneaked into Mommy’s vacated chair.

The other good news of the weekend is that Ray’s sister, Kimmel, has been adopted and will go to her new home right after her spay surgery. 

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