My Pit Bull is Family

I’m a Pit Bull fan.  You probably just said, “duh” to yourself upon reading that, but I mean  I’m a fan now.  I never had a Pit bull before Ray, and I never really planned to have one but one night I was googling for an article that I wanted to re-read about Mel and I kind of fell down a rabbit hole.  I found Best Friends, BAD RAP, the Vick Dog blogs and ended up reading a most enjoyable blog about a foster family and that kind of started to change my life.  I became more and more interested in things Pit bull, and the Vicktory Dogs became more like super stars.  I love their stories and I love that I get to peek in on some parts of their lives through Facebook.  There are some amazing families out there with some amazing dogs.
One such family is that of Wallace and Hector.  Not only are they pretty special themselves, but they and their parents have another cause:  My Pit Bull is Family which works to compile info on Pit Bull friendly landlords and insurance companies in an effort to keep the family together.  They sent me these great bumper stickers and over the weekend we were all pretty excited to show them off.  All I needed to do to receive them was email my mailing address and voila!
I was pretty happy to share the pics on Facebook and since I am in love with my bumper sticker, I went to their site and made a small donation as well.  I trust that I’ve given you enough links to occupy your time and enrich your mind since today’s post is so miniscule.  I’m a little distracted today.

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