Ready to Sparkle

The last time I had a guest blogger, Ray wrote a little bit about his fun weekend and we got a lot of good feedback from that post.  It was so popular, that I thought I’d have another guest writer today.  This is Sparkles, Ray’s birth mama.
Hello folks, yes, I am Sparkles.  When my foster mama brought me home, I was in pretty rough shape.  I was a teen mom, being only seventeen months old at the time and having my babies out in the freezing cold.  I tried my best to keep them warm and safe and had them in the only cover I could find-a bush with leaves on ground.  Really I tried my best, but some of them just didn’t make it.  When my Katie-mama brought me to her house she helped me have my other two babies, and she told me to be brave because after tonight I would never have to go through this again.  I’m glad, because even though my four surviving babies are cute and sweet, they nearly killed me.  But I’m not going to dwell on the past and on the negative.  I’m sweet, single and looking for love. 
I’ve been through a lot and people tell me I had a rough start in life, but wanna know something?  I hardly remember the bad days anymore.  I’m so happy now and even though I absolutely LOVE living at Katie-mama’s house, I heard that I would love it even more in a forever home of my own, so that is what I’m hoping for.  But here’s the thing:  I was once sad and skinny and someone even said Sparkles as a name did not fit me.  That is only because of my past.  I am happy and wiggly and waggly and ready to love.  I will show my new people my sparkly personality and lavish them with so much love.  But Sparkles here is a Diva.  I don’t want any of those icky things that they call “cats” in MY house.  I need to be the big deal, A-number one doggie in the house.  I also kind of want my own stuff.  What’s mine is mine and I’m not too good at what they call “sharing” just yet.  Hey, a girl’s gotta eat and when I want to eat, I want it all for myself.  What?  I need to keep my muscles fed.  And muscles I have.  I have some gorgeous, rippling leg muscles.  I would totally love going for walks with my people.  I would love doing anything with my people and when I want you to pet me, you’ll know it.  I will grab your arm with my paw to let you know that it’s Sparkle-time.
Do you know someone who is looking for a single, active, loving companion?  I bet they’re looking for me right now.  Let them know I will be at a singles bar adoption event on Saturday at H.O.P.E in Fort Wayne.  I’ve got no more babies to raise,  I’ve already had my no-more-baby-mama-operation and I would happily go home with you Saturday.  I’m a little easy but no longer sleazy.  Think about it.

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