Snipped and Chipped

I say that I cried maybe six times before drop off, but really it was mostly just tearing up.  There’s a difference, right?  I thought about it more and the preparatory calls scared me more.  We’ve been through it before, but it seemed different.  The tone and tenor of the recipients was different.  I knew it had to be done and I wanted it done, but I was still a basket case all day.  The day Ray was neutered and (finally) chipped.
As I said, we’ve been through it before.  All of the cats are sneutered and I didn’t hardly blink an eye or obsess about it.  Boo kitty really needed it.  We had her spayed when we lived out in the country and she was a porch kitty.  A prolific procreator, we were hard pressed to get her between litters and so heartbreakingly terminated a pregnancy while having her spayed.  I believe, I truly believe we have her lifelong loyalty and thanks for that.  We had Jae “fixed” as soon as they dropped and sometimes have our doubts if “they got it all.”  While Miko, on the other hand was adopted from ACC, so we received him neutered.
Ray we had done at H.O.P.E. with ten other SmilingK9’s.  (Yes, we helped transport and it was like a mini reunion with Sparkles, Kimmel and Ray and a  plus one in my truck.) I believe since they were so thorough in the cautionary instructions, I began to obsess about them despite the fact that most of them are things we already do.
·        He must sleep inside the night before surgery.  DUH, he is an inside dog.
·        As much water as he wants, don’t withhold water.  Umm, ok.
·        No food after 9:00 pm the night before.  Ok, this one was the stressor for me.
Ray generally is in bed by about 8:30 or 9:00 pm anyway so he never eats after that time, and I set about making sure there were no bully sticks or other edible treats tucked into the blankets in his crate.  Because if he eats after that time he may vomit while anesthetized and DIE.   Then in the morning while he followed me around the kitchen with this face:
while silently communicating to me, “Excuse me, Mama, but I haven’t gotten my breakfast yet today.”  Which I couldn’t give him because if he eats he may vomit while anesthetized and DIE!
What if I forgot?  What if I absentmindedly handed him a treat for being so adorable?  What if, despite my mad housekeeping skills, he found a food morsel on the floor and ate it?  What if he finds fuzz on the floor and eats it?  Does that count? What about cat hair? What will I do without my Ray-Ray?
Of course, I needn’t have worried, which I knew all along.  The little prince was fine and even managed to charm one of the staff there who asked if he was adoptable.  A proud Mama moment! The biggest challenge now, is trying to keep a four month old puppy calm and relaxed.  Yeah, that is the challenge now.
Lovin’ the bullystick.

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