Feline Friday-A Peaceabull Truce

Although Boo Kitty is the matriarch of the animal world in our home and her main goal in life is to settle on a comfy cushion and enjoy her retirement but her plans are often thwarted by the boys.  Miko “owns” everything in the house and as the self appointed inspector, he is tasked with making sure all things go according to his plan.  Ray was definitely not a part of Miko’s plans.  While his curiosity is starting to get the better of him and he is spending more time peeking at Ray from behind the safety of the gate, he is not really close to “making  friends”  like Jae is.
Miko guards things.  Given the fact that he is double the size of Boo makes him the default BIG DEAL kitty in the house.  He hides near the litter box like a troll guarding a bridge, he positions himself in doorways to hinder entrance by the others and he makes sure he is always the first to sprint to the food bowls in the morning.  Most of the time, if he is near Boo, it seems to be to intimidate her by his presence.  Boo’s reprieve is that she can sit on the front porch snuggled on the cushions and bask in the warmth of the solitude and sunshine.

Boo Kitty quite possibly may never budge from her distain for Ray.  Maybe she will, since I would classify her initial feelings as hate and now is merely disdainful of the puppy perhaps we are moving in a more positive direction.  Last night, however, while we were watching TV, she developed a routine formulated to ensure her dislike for the puppy was understood.  She’d walk into the middle of the room, stop and bitch at meow at the dog, walk out of the room, reenter, meow, exit, repeat. 
I believe the only thing Boo and Miko like less than each other is Ray and this mutual dislike seems to be bonding them together a little more.  For now, they seem to be forming a Peace-a-bull truce.

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