Play Date

As is probably obvious by yesterday’s teaser pic, Ray-Ray had a playdate this weekend.  One of Asia’s friends has a  six month old chocolate lab puppy and we’ve been talking about having them over to for a play date for a few weeks now.  Most of Ray’s playtime experience is from class where they get to play for a few minutes at the end of class, or as was the case sometimes with a wound up Pit puppy, at the beginning to help work the devil out.  That and a fairly unsuccessful playtime experience with the neighbor’s pup have not made for a lot of good socialization.  Oh, yeah, there was one other time too, now that the cat is out of the bag, so to speak.  Not only did we transport three other dogs for spay, we picked them up the night before so we got to foster-for-the- night Ray’s sister, Kimmel, his mama Sparkles and sweet little Hope.  Kimmel and Ray got to play for a little while before bedtime, unfortunately no pictures exist.

This weekend, however, Colt in all of his handsome chocolaty goodness came to play and the boys had a rollicking, frolicking good time.  Colt is taller and faster than Ray and the two of them looked like ungainly billy goats rearing up and hopping at each other.  By the time I even remembered to get pics the boys were winding down and seeking water.  I’d have to say, though, that one of the best parts of the play date was that Ray was able to settle and take breaks.  Sometimes during class he was “all go, no stop Harry Stamper,” which doesn’t always go over too well with the others in the room so I was just astounded very pleased at how much he seems to have matured within the past couple of weeks.  I was even remarking to Asia and Kevin that I seem to be more shocked lately when he is being a little naughty rather than when he is being good because that seems to be the regular standard.

I know Ray was pretty well wiped out from all of the excitement of the weekend with the nice walk, the beautiful weather and the play date, he was pretty much ready for bed early and down for the count even before Colt arrived.  See, Ray is very good in his crate.  He goes in well and sits and usually whenever he hears me coming he gets up and sits at the front.  This time, I had to wake his cute little self up:

A sleepy dog is a happy dog.

Couldn’t you just eat his little pink and white piggy-ness up with a spoon?

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