Vacation, Staycation

Hi folks.  My mama has been so busy being on vacation and getting ready for Asia’s baby shower that she hasn’t had time to tell you what I’ve been up to.  I love when she and Daddy are on vacation because that means I get to play and be with them all day long.  I was a really good boy all week, too, except for a little incident in the corner flower bed.  Oops.  Well, the mulch in there is so pretty and tasty, I can’t help myself.  Actually, I did help myself, but I think we can put that behind us and move on.  I did get to spend more time in the yard playing with my tug monkey, which I liked a lot. 

I’m not really sure what a “baby shower” is since mama calls me baby but I don’t take showers, I take baths (and hop into the tub all by myself, thank you.)  I think it means that a lot of people come to pet me and they drop a lot of food on the floor and let me help clean it up.  My Auntie Doe was cooking and she kept saying, “Oops, I dropped some chicken on the floor,” so I kept helping her.  She brought people with her and they ate a lot of fruit which I also like, so I got to have bites of banana and apple too.  
We had a lot going on over the weekend of the party. Mom says it was all done by Pinterest, but it looked like it was mommy, dad, Asia and lots of others doing the  work.  We had tooool pom poms that Asia tried to put on my head, balloons which I don’t like because they chase me and say BOOM, and something called a chocolate fountain and a belly cake.  I think that is probably something yucky, because I didn’t get to see it.  Mom says chocolate is yucky for dogs. Mommy also made tasty pink cookies with some girl’s name on them and Asia got to sit on a throne that Mommy painted and “re-polstered”  just for the shower. 
After the weekend was over, Mom and I went shopping on Monday and I got a new monkey for being such a good boy all week.  I love my new monkey because all of the sounds he makes,  even though we don’t get to play tug with it. 
Today Mommy went back to work, which is ok, because I need a break from all of this vacation stuff.

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