Pits in the Park

Last week my Dad told Mama that I should contribute more often to our blog.  He actually said I should do all the writing, but I don’t think that is going to happen.  I did have a really great weekend to tell you about.
Mama kept telling me we were going to do something special on Sunday and even though I don’t really know what “Sunday” is, I found out she was so right!  Not only did we do special things but we did so many special things that the day just kept getting better and better.  
In the morning, Asia, Mom and I went for a walk on a different part of the River Greenway trail that I’ve never been on before.  It was hot and I got pretty tired, but I had a really good time, even when an off-leash beagle started woofing at me.  Mommy and Asia said I was a good boy.  Mommy was right…that was a special surprise.  But then when we got home, there was an even better surprise.  We laid down on one of my special comforters and we got one of the pillows that I’m always trying to eat and we snuggled up together for a nap.  I laid my big Pittie snout on Mama’s face and started snoring like a piggy right away.  Mama was surprised that I was such a good cuddler, since I sleep solo in my crate, but I reminded her that I sleep with my squeaky monkey.  We slept for a really long time and when we got up there was another surprise!
Mommy and I went bye-bye in the truck and she told me this was my big surprise.  After all of the fun things we already did, I couldn’t believe that the day could get better but it sure did.  We went up to Fort Wayne where they were having the First Annual Ray-Ray Adoration Festival Pits in the Park Event. 

Thanks for letting us take this pic of “typical” Pit bull behavior, Steuben Co Humane Society

There were tables with treats and toys and all kinds of things to sniff, which Mom called vendors as well as booths for the Fort Wayne Pitbull Coalition and so many other well behaved, handsome Pit Bulls and their families.  Lots of people came to pet me and I gave out lots of kisses and then we sat on the grass in the shade and listened to music while more people came to pet and talk to me. 
Daddy thought having a lot of doggies in a park might be a recipe for disaster, but Mom said everyone there was a loving and responsible dog owner who were interested in busting negative stereotypes. She said it was a very Peace-a-bull Assembly.
Alls I know is that I was one tired little boy and even though I have to help write the blog, I’m glad Mama didn’t ask me to drive home, too.
P.S.  Mama said she didn’t see a single ball there, but she must not have been looking very hard.  I saw a bunch of them on a table that she could buy…

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