Big Head Clown

One of the great things about having an anvil shaped head and a goofy personality is that you can usually keep yourself entertained for long (for a puppy) stretches of time.  Ray, as you might imagine, has quite an extensive toy collection with some definite favorites.  As discussed here, the Crinkit is a huge favorite for the noise it makes and the squishy durability of the whole thing.  Churpi-chews are great for down time and having a relaxing gnaw on your mat, plus since it is made of yak milk, salt and lime it can be like a doggie version of margarita cheese.  Ok, that might not be appealing to most readers, but it sure is if you’re a pooch.
Tug is a favorite game for Ray and although he will play with nearly anything, rope toys seem to be a big favorite and circles are his favorite shape.  How do I know this?  Very early on he had a wool circle toy that he absolutely loved to slip his snout through when he played but he also loved to eat kibble out of the middle of the circle .  He also likes to slip his snout through the loop of his rope toy and then pick up other toys, thus earning him the nickname Fat Mouth from Asia.
So last night I happend to look down at a quitely playing Ray when I saw a sight that promted me to call him a Goof-ass and, of course, promptly snap a picture.
Just chillin’ with a toy on my head.

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