So, for some reason, Mama thinks this picture of me is funny. 

When I am happy, I like to balance on my head and do somersaults.  I like to tumble into Mom’s lap like that, too. That way I end up with my belly available to get lots of rubs.  See?  I’m one smart cookie. 
Well, even though I like being warm, I still get hot in this heat (I was born in December and this is my first summer)  so this is how I like to cool off so Mama sent this picture to the folks at StubbyDog for a contest.  She said we could win a Frobo bowl for me and one for my Rescue, Smiling K9’s.  All my friends have to do is vote for me and ask more friends to vote for me too.
StubbyDog Contest.
It’s been a crazy weekend here.  We didn’t have elek-tricity which means I got lots of ice cubes to eat, I rode in the car with the air on, and I stayed up late with Mom and Dad.  We hope everyone survived the storms as well as we did.  Mommy said we lost a lot of food (the kitties and I didn’t lose any food but we had to send our duck, duck, goose away for safe-keeping)  but are all safe and together, which is what is important.

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