Water Wednesday

Yes, here we are again with the water talk.  Just know that it has nothing to do with how thrilled we all are to have a pool and everything to do with how silly Ray is about water.  Really.
Well, the first new development is that we finally received the solar cover reel and got it assembled so the first time Ray saw the solar cover on the pool he seemed to think that was a hard surface.  Fortunately he hasn’t tried to step on it except from the actual steps, so I’m careful to keep that area peeled back to expose the water.

What you are seeing here is Ray submerging his entire face in order to retrieve one of his favorite tug toys.

These are three separate attempts to retrieve it.

The fact that he actually blows bubbles out his nose while “diving” is astounding to me.  I’m thinking he could clean up in a doggy bobbing for apples contest.
Now if we can just get him interested in swimming.  

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