Water World

I mentioned before that Ray likes bathtime, but that isn’t a completely accurate statement.  Because he associates bathtime with peanutbutter, he is ok with baths, but he doens’t love baths.  I was doing really well with getting him bathed every Sunday until he developed some stomach issues and I had to keep tweeking his diet to resolve this.  That meant, cutting waaaay down on the peanut butter.  Luckily for all of us, the stomach is better and we were able to resume bath night.  Much to Kevin’s amazement, here is how bath time goes:  I close all doors upstairs except the bathroom in an effort to to steer the prancing Pit Bull away from the stash of kitty toys.  I prepare a nice portion of peanut butter and say to Ray, “Bath time!  Let’s take a bath!”  Whereupon he runs upstairs, and hops into the tub.  True story. 

But along similar lines, Ray is still not so keen on the pool.  He enjoys playing near it and he loves those jets, but getting in is still not at the top of his bucket list.  Much to the dismay of the various neighbors and friends who’ve come to enjoy the pool, I have no intention of forcing the issue or even of speeding it along when it comes to Ray swimming.  I’ve taken him in to the bottom of the steps once and he promptly swam out but nothing more. 

This morning was so nice and cool, though, that we spent some extra time outside and Ray had some fun with his outdoor toys.  As he began flinging them in the air and chasing them, one landed smack in the pool.

And as I watched to see what would happen, I nearly missed the retreval.

Well, technically, I did miss capturing it, but I did get to see it.  Two full paws in the water and the toy was snagged back to the safety of dry land. 

Enjoy your weekend!

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