Baby Week-Day 5

Ah, the end of Baby Week…or is it really just the beginning?  We’ve been preparing, we’ve been practising, and today is the big day.

Look who is coming home today.  We will be taking the utmost care in introductions and only be doing so when everyone is calm, happy and relaxed. 

So, no guesses on the earlier name posts?  Ok, the day two post has been updated with links to reveal identities, but if you want a hint, we’re looking at nearly all defenders, one Bear and three Ravens.

The musical reference?  Lola, of course, so the Ray in this case would be Ray Davies.

Finally, the $25 donation will be going not to a Rescue or Shelter as previously noted.  Of course, no one other than family members actually guessed the names correctly and in light of our own little miracle baby we are making the donation to Sawyer, whose Auntie is the head of Smiling K9’s.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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