The Butt of all Jokes, or If you Can’t Laugh at Yourself…

To say that I’ve had an amazing August would be an understatment and with today being my birthday, I’ve felt incredibly spoiled with all of the well wishes, flowers, cupcakes and support I’ve received.  Lest all of that go to my head, I humbly submit the following.

Ray has been a growing machine since Day One, and I’m constantly amazed at how big he seems to get, daily.  One thing that hasn’t changed, is that he has had this “baggy pajama haunch” forever.

Crappy photos courtesy of my sister’s iphone.

I’m pretty sure he will grow into it, so I’ve never thought too much about it until last night my sister noticed his “big butt” was exactly the same as my big butt.  I think the comment was, “You know how you’re all butt and nothing else?” 

The worst part?  Before taking the picture, my sister kept telling me to remove the wedgie to which I replied, “I don’t have one, that is all butt in there!”

Yeah, not one of my more glamorous moments, good thing Clinton Kelly didn’t see me.

Oh well.

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