Baby, Shmaby

The baby has been home for a week now, and while we’ve been working with Ray on Positive Conditioned Emotional Responses to her smells and sounds, Ray has been working on his antler chews, hanging with monkey and just basking in the all around awesomeness that comes with being Ray-Ray.

My antler, my monkey, and me.
Today conditions seemed right for a proper meet and greet, so while all of the human boys were gone, Asia and the baby came to visit with Ray.
Due to some visitors we had earlier in the week, Ray was still sleeping off a “fun hangover” and really couldn’t be bothered to get off his mat to come sniff the baby.

How well did it go?  What you can’t see in the pictures is that Jae was actually sitting on the coffee table and Ray basically ignored the cat and the baby.  Actually, I’d call it more of showing a polite interest while respecting everyone’s personal space.

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