Feline Friday-Black Cat Awareness Day


Today is National Black Cat Awareness Day and since our black cat(s) past and present are some of the most special kitties we’ve had, we are dedicating today to Miko and to Jazz-man.
A few fun facts:
When we went to Animal Care, we were there to adopt a different black cat, but Miko jumped in my lap and snuffled my face so intently, that I wasn’t about to leave without him.

Miko and Jazz before him are our only cats who do not run and hide when strangers are around.  In fact, they both are more than willing to be adored by all.

Miko “owns” everything, including the baby.  No other cat  is allowed to linger in her room without Miko’s permission.

Miko purrs over nearly everything and loves to be told how beautiful he is.

Miko is our fattest cat and our pickiest eater.

Jazz was an outside cat but once was feeling poorly.  He came inside, laid on the sofa for three or four days and then got up and resumed life outside.

The Jazz-man often went walk-about.  (He was not neutered-I know, I know)  He was usually gone for about two weeks at a time but once he left for nine months.  He came back just a few weeks before we were to move to another part of the state.  He was skinny and tired and was sitting at the foot of our steps, as if waiting to see if he was still welcomed.  He was.  Our prodigal son was back. 

I had been known to pull over to the side of the road and call “Jazz man” at any black cat I saw.

Jazz used to sit on the picnic table outside our neighbor’s window and look in.  Our neighbor was named Tom so we had a peeping Tom tom peeping at Tom.

I love having a black cat in residence.

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