Pool Friends!

With the arrival of the new baby, there have been more visitors to our house than usual.  Last week, my sister and her kids came to help Asia with the baby and to enjoy the pool a bit.  Our house is generally a pretty quiet zone, so four additional people, one of whom has zoomie matchbox cars, can be pretty stimulating to a puppy.  Fortunately, my sister has three dogs of her own, and for the most part, everything went exceedingly well. (Aside from her waving her hands in the air and dancing though the kitchen, singing, “I know, I know, I have to ignore the dog!”

For two and a half days Ray got to play by the pool with the kids and watch Disney while still getting to enjoy a little quiet time when it was needed.  His sitter still came to take him on his scheduled noon break for the sake of consistency which is important.  But how much did Ray enjoy himself?

Huge smiles!
The best way to recover from so much activity and work off a fun hangover is to chill on a fluffy mat with a nice stuffed frozen kong.

Ray-Ray is looking forward to more playtime with the kids in the very near future.

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