Mom Plays Like a Girl

I love to play tug and my favorite toys have ropes; plain braided ropes, rope loops, ropes on a tire, you get the idea.  Last weekend, Mama and I went to Tractor Supply and she bought me a special rope toy…a jolly ball!  Boy do I love my jolly ball.

I can play jolly ball with Mom and Dad or I can play all by myself, which is so much fun!

My Daddy is fun to play with because he is a boy like me and we play like boys together.  Mama is fun to play with, too, but she is a girl and I have to be careful when I play with her.  When we play tug, I can only use my Fat Mouth and I can’t use my paws.  I like to hook my arms around the rope for extra leverage, but I don’t do that with Mama.  I’ve learned that if I do that, she stops playing with me.  I also give her the rope when I want her to play with me.  I like to shove it in her hands, or on her leg, or in her booty if she is walking away, but I like to make Daddy chase me if he wants to play tug.  I’m really fast…watch me zoom!

…and zoom!

…and zoom!

….and zoom!

Bye bye.

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