A Partial Recap

This past weekend was so amazing that we will not be able to recap everything in one single post but will be sharing throughout the week.  I just hope I can do justice to all of the amazing people I met. 
First and foremost, the Adopt-a-thon was a very well done event.  There were dozens of various rescues, vendors, food, games and face painting for the kids as well as low cost vaccinations for pets.  Lots of animals got some really good exposure and hopefully will be finding their forever homes. 

Twizzler the “chick magnet”

I really made an effort to step out of my comfort zone and as a result I met and had some great conversations with some amazing people as I was walking around with little miss Pookie. 

I came across this great booth at mushudesigns with animal shapes as well as some beautiful home decor decals. 

Since my photographic skills are so lacking, I cut off the name of the booth but snagged a card with the cutest pink paw print and found their etsy page.  (She was more than willing to hold Pookie while I snapped a pic.)

I also got an opportunity to chat with Krystal who is a “Facebook friend” that I finally got to meet in real life.  She owns Dog Psychology Training Center and has started a pack walk in our area.  Ray and I have been wanting to join, but since we live a little farther away and most walks were during the week, we haven’t yet been able to participate.  Naturally I was over the moon when after I introduced myself, she knew I belonged with Ray-Ray. 

Obviously this isn’t Krystal, but her hubby and beautiful baby girl.  (I have really bad timing behind the camera.)  The little Ray-Ray look alike was an adorable adoptable, whose name escapes me at the moment. We are really looking forward to some pack walking, though, and hope join some weekend before it gets too cold because I’m kind of a whiney baby when it comes to cold weather.

We also had the opportunity to greet current friends like Marjorie from My Best Friend, Ray’s first teacher as well as the great folks from the green DogGoods.

Naturally, the main draw of the weekend was the animals and I got to transport some sweeties like these three amigos, the chihuahua puppies.

I also got to spend time with little LuLu and her sweet pink bow who is looking for her next forever home (again.)

As well as the crowd favorite, Scruffy.

Hopefully by the end of this week, each of the above listed babies will be in their forever homes.

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