Crossed Paws for H.O.P.E

On one hand, you might think that seeing that many animals looking  for their forever home might be depressing.  While it is sad that there are so many homeless animals and every animal there, I’m sure, had a story to tell, the feeling of the weekend was very upbeat and happy.  Maybe I’m just naive, but with so many people gathered in one place with a common goal of animal welfare, how can you go wrong?  I love that the event was done by H.O.P.E. because that is what these animals were full of. Hope.  And I had great hope for them as well.

Another of the extraordinary vendors present was Terri, the owner, baker and chief bottle washer of Crossed Paws Barkery.   Terri started making her own dog treats, because like so many of us pet owners she was concerned with all of the problems and issues that have arisen with treats lately.  She makes wholesome, yummy dog treats that are human quality and smell like heaven to both dogs and people. 

I smelled the Rescue Roll and wanted to pop it in my mouth right then and there.  It smelled like a parmasean breadstick to me.  What is great about the Rescue Roll is that a portion of the profits from that treat go back to Rescue.  Terri is not only a multiple adopter, but she is the mom of some handsome Pit Bull type dogs.  Jackpot!

I’ve met two of her four gorgeous boys and I can tell you, they are mah-velous!  It is difficult to tell by my stellar photographic skills, but the picture to the far right depicts how she came up with the name of her business.  On the night Dozer (on the right) came home he and his new brother Decker crossed paws.  Swoon. The menu that she offers is extensive and looks like things I give Ray, which is also high on the list.  I love that each of her dogs has a treat named after him as well as other treats like Bully Brownies and Pibble Twists.  A lady after my own heart.
As for how they taste?  I brought home a bag of Sweet Potato Crunchies and Ray literally ate them up.

I firmly believe that everyone should feed and treat with the highest quality available, shop locally if possible and support your local rescue.  That isn’t too much to ask is it?  Good.  Well in an effort to do all of the above I have a fun contest for you! 
First, go to Crossed Paws Barkery facebook page and “Like” them, then click on the “about” tab and look through all of the delicious treats they have to offer.  Next, leave me a comment here with the name of the treat that most appeals to you.  (If you comment here “anonymously” make sure I have a way of getting ahold of you if you win.)  On Friday at 8:00 pm EST, I will collect all of the comments and use a random generator to pick the lucky person who will win the treat of their choice.  I will let Terri know who the winner is and she will send you your treats!  Win-win!

11 thoughts on “Crossed Paws for H.O.P.E

  1. Mmmm they all sound so so good! but, my belly (ehem…I mean Chocko's belly) is all about the peanut butter! Decker Doodles all the way! What's not to love about peanut butter, banana and honey?! YUM.

  2. Team Beaglebratz here – we saw your comment on our blog 'boutz the treat contest. We bin over tue Crossed Paws Facebook page an'O.M.D! So many yummy treatz! We DID “like” her page (and why not). Now then, the hardest part iz d-sidin'which one- We know the Parsley Pucker Ups wood b mom'z fav fur us fur our breath an'we due love applesauce. BUTT if WE wuz choozin'then we wood want the Decker Doodles with P-nut Butter,mm Bananaz an'Honey – all thingz we love. OR may-b the Dozer Drops with P-nut Butter, Applesauce an'Honey. Oh our mouthz r droolin'just talkin'boutz'em. May-b that iz what we can dream'boutz when we go tue bed – nitey-nite.
    Shiloh'n the DIVA Shasta

  3. Parsley Pucker Ups sound pawsome. I make “ice cream for my dog, and love finding new sources of homemade dog treats that use top quality, healthy ingredients. Can't wait to try some!


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