Small Pleasures

When Ray was a little tiny puppy newly arrived at our home, he was happy and playful, but he wasn’t much of a tail wagger.  I found it a bit disconcerting because I although I could tell that he was happy, I wished for the normal outward sign afer all, who doesn’t like a little tail-wagging pup?

It kind of make you wonder, is he really happy or is he just a little chewy-monster who chases things? 

As he’s getting older, the tail wagging has gotten much more frequent and I’m learning a little better how to read his body language.  He and I have our rituals and I love that I recognize the specific small ways he shows affection.

This morning  I was enjoying my morning coffee as Ray was enjoying his morning Kong and we sat in a companionable silence near each other, with our own “treats.”  I happened to look at him just as he looked at me and as our eyes met, his tail wagged.  I love you, too, Baby Boy.

3 thoughts on “Small Pleasures

  1. I LOVE when all it takes to earn a tail wag is a look. Hades is so lazy and he's always on the couch but all you have to do is look at him and you hear the thump thump of his tail against the couch.
    Tail wagging is that sign we all look to for a “happy dog” but it can also display nerves.
    Ray's just making sure you don't take his wags for granted. 🙂

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