Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

We used to make sure that was the first thing we said on the first day of every month when we were kids.  I have a facebook friend who still posts it every month on the first.  Usually I’ve forgotten until about the third cup of coffee in the morning so I don’t know if this qualifies, especially since the morning is now nearly over, but here it goes, “Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit.”

Today Ray is eleven months old and since we are creeping up the actual birth day, I’ve been trying to think of a fun celebration idea.  I have a few possibilities in mind, among those getting him together with one of his littermates, doing a doggy party and, of course, some type of give away.   I’ll just need to keep noodling them around until something clicks.  We also forgot to mention that wrote a guest post for Peace Love & Whiskers which came out yesterday.  It’s Sparkle’s story.  I’ve written about her a few times and this post was in “her voice.”  Even more exciting is that another friend is considering  translating  it and publishing it in the Netherlands on the birthdate he shares with Ray to help raise awareness.  Squee!

We didn’t have many trick or treaters last night and I’m always amazed that Ray is not really a barker.  I gave him an empty gallon jug (we call it a crinkie) to chase around which kept him occupied quite a bit and whenever the doorbell rang, he’d look at the door but no barking.  His babysitter came with her little girl who gave Ray some treats through the gate while he concentrated on being small.

She had lots of fun giving “Way-Way” treats.  The only down side is that she wanted to give him so many I had to switch them to kibble so he didn’t end up with a tummy ache.

As of right now, I’m pretty well in weekend mode since I have tomorrow off, so I hope everyone excuses the random scatter that makes up this post.  Please feel free to wander by our Facebook page for more Ray-Ray. 

2 thoughts on “Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

  1. I've never heard of the rabbit, rabbit, rabbit thing!

    Norman just had his first birthday and I have a hard time making it an extra special day because every day is filled with cuddles, treats and hiking, what more could a dog want?

    Ray looks so cute in his pacman collar waiting for his treats:)

  2. Isn't it great the joy a dog can get from a plastic bottle? I miss Hades as an only dog–he didn't bark! With two dogs the doorbell ringing always elicits a shudder from me as the barking ensues. (I don't mean I wish for one dog, I wish for what that meant as far as his doorbell manners.)

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