Fe Fi Fo Fum

Last week when Mommy said she had a three day weekend, I was really excited because I knew we would spend every single minute together.  Boy was I surprised when one of the first things she did was to take me to the place where they cut my entire leg apart removed my little lumpus.  I like being at that place but not so much when they have monsters scissors in their hands.  When we came home, I was a little angry at Mommy so I went to my quiet place and ignored her for six hours a few minutes so that she would know that I was serious. 

Once I was sure she had learned her lesson, then I went ahead and gave her kisses again.  I was still happy to have her home with me for a whole extra day. 

The next day, though, she left me at home for the entire day a few hours while she was at an adoption event.  I thought that when she said she was going there, she was mistaken because I’m already adopted, but when she put me in the truck to go to my favorite store, it all became crystal clear.  She had some girl in the car with her.  I could smell her presence.  Then I saw these pictures on Mommy’s phone.

I just knew she was up to something.  I wasn’t actually upset, though, because like my mommy, I want to make sure all the other homeless doggies have a warm place to live with people who love them so I don’t mind sharing her sometimes if she can help.  If you are interested in Honor the little GSD mix (Mom’s current favorite) or Phineus the St Bernard-ish puppy contact the ACSPCA.  Or if you are not seeing your heart dog there, please check out Smiling K9’s where my heart Mommy found me.

3 thoughts on “Fe Fi Fo Fum

  1. Ray-Ray – Turkey here! It is VERY important to let our Mamas know when they do something to make us mad – like letting someone cut our legs apart with scissors. You did the right thing, dude! Now, just demand extra treats and premium snuggle time for as long as you need until you are SURE your Mama has learned her lesson. 🙂

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