Power Chewer

I see that term bandied about quite a bit and since the majority of the blogs I read are centered around Pit Bull-type dogs, I imagine quite a few of these dogs are “Power Chewers.”  Sometimes I think Ray fits into that category and sometimes I don’t.  For instance, when I first started giving him Churpi-chews it would take about a week or so for him to chew the entire thing.  The last time I gave him one, he had it entirely eaten before we finished our dinner.  At that price, there will be no more Churpi-chews for Ray-Ray.  Hooves have been a great and inexpensive replacement, as we can get those for just a few dollars and they do last well more than a week.

Bully sticks are a highly favored treat for Ray and a twelve inch bully can last almost 15 minutes if we’re lucky.  We use them mostly at the beginning of a football game since they tend to settle Ray and get him more focused.  We’ve also been favoring the frozen stuffed kong, using the recipe that Pitlandia posted the other day.  I had been freezing Ray’s kongs, but not using a lot of the mix-ins so he was clearing the contents pretty quickly.  Ray loves his kongs, we’ve been using them a lot more for feeding, though we do still use his bowl as well.

Antlers are something that Ray is very mezzo-mezzo about.  He prefers the split elk antlers but right now only has his deer antlers, one with a large nub and one more tapered.  Because that is what we have available right now, he has been chewing on those more lately.

For some reason, the antler seemed much more fun on this day than on previous days.

Is your dog a “power chewer” or does he/she have a favorite long lasting chew?  

7 thoughts on “Power Chewer

  1. I also go back and forth about whether or not I think that Athena is a power chewer. I know that there are dogs out there who are such big chewers that they can destroy a black kong in minutes. That's definitely not Athena!

    She's mostly a picker. She uses her front teeth to pick at her toys and other objects (like our socks). The toys that she has destroyed are the ones that she was easily able to pick at and weaken.

    Athena does love her deer antler. We haven't tried bully sticks yet, but I would like to soon!

  2. I am a pretty good chewer. A good bully stick lasts me a little longer than 15 minutes, but not much.

    Mom gives me frozen Kongs too, which I love. And I had one antler that I loved, but I don't like the new one at all.

    I have bumpy bone shaped Nylabone that I really like, and a Galileo one that I sort of like.

    And mom got this really cool toy called a Crinkit, which you put a water bottle in. It didn't look tough at all, but I have put it through the ringer and it doesn't have a single hole 🙂

  3. Remy, Ray LOVED his Crinkit. It lasted almost six months before it got kind of floppy at the end and Ray was able to pick bottles out of it. He also likes gallon milk jugs and gatorade bottles (under close supervision) We call all of those things “crinkies.”

    Athena, we think you'll love bully sticks!

  4. I wish my dogs liked antlers more because they last so long! One time I got them Himilayan cheese chews which they really liked, lasted about an hour.

    Our go-to for long time chewing action is knuckle bones, just the regular ones, not flavored or filled with peanut butter. They last a really long time and I leave them out because they return to them over time.

  5. I think the Himalayan Cheese is the same thing as the Churpichew. Lasted for less time the older Ray got. He really isn't crazy about the antlers but does like the split open ones much better than the solid ones.

    I should try a knuckle bone for Ray. I gave him a shoulder once which he liked and he does like a good marrow bone once he is done woofing at it. 🙂

  6. Oops, guess you're right churpichew is cheese, duh.

    I don't get the raw bones too often because I worry about them going bad. The pet store ones are great because they go back to them later. Though they do make a mess with the little pieces that come off!

  7. Very much so power chewers! We don't give any food type chews due to multiple protein allergies. However I have given salmon skin rolls (gone in less than a minute,) and the grain free Zukes bones (they loved them, didn't last more than a few minutes.)
    Yesterday we purchased raw turkey necks from the feed store (just the Instinct brand) and I'm curious to see how long that lasts for a Thanksgiving treat.

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