Fruity Friday

Recently Asia and I had lunch together at one of our favorite lunch spots…Fresh Market.  Each time we go there it’s like a frenzy of sights and smells in a sensory overload kind of way and we spend way too much on “lunch.”  To be fair, that day we ended up with lunch, dinner, snacks and some fresh fruit so it was definitely worth the visit. 

When I got home that night, Ray was pretty interested in the contents of my shopping bag as well.  He’s always up for an opportunity to try new fruits and vegetables and this was no exception.  While most of the contents of our fruit basket were not for Ray’s consumption, he did get to partake in some of the fresh goodness.

Naturally,  the huge green grapes were a definite No-No, but what the heck else did I come home with?  Buddha fingers which smell so fresh and citrusy, though also not for the Ray-Ray and some absolutely adorable mini organic apples.  Score!  These little apples are slightly tart and a great size to play soccer with around the kitchen if you are a pit bull puppy.

Ray loves apple slices and these are not much bigger but sooo much more fun.  Do you have a guilty pleasure lunch spot? 

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