Road Warrior

Happy Monday, Folks.  WOOF!  Last week when my Mommy told me she had another three day weekend and that she didn’t have any plans to cheat on me to attend any adoption events, I was elated!

But then she said she was going to visit my Auntie in Michigan and I was confused because that sounded like she was going to leave me at home, but then she started packing my bye-bye bag!  Oh, I was getting pretty excited because even though she sometimes takes my bye-bye bag with her and leaves me at home, she did act like I was going.  And I did go!  We were in the truck for a million hours an hour and a half when Mommy decided to stop at a Rest Area so I could go potty, but there were so many smells there that we ended up taking a sniffy walk so I could stretch my legs and investigate. 

When we finally got to my Auntie’s house I was more comfy and did my business there and then there was another surprise!  Cousins!  My Auntie has three doggies of her own and I got to meet two of them. 

First I met Bobbers. 

Her name is really Bob because my Auntie found her and discovered that her owner had turned her out to the streets.  Auntie was not going to get attached so she named this girl doggie Bob.  That was last Spring.  Since then, Auntie learned more about Bob’s “story,” got her icky shots and made sure she wouldn’t have any baby Bobs.  Bob didn’t like me very much.  I’m an only child here and sometimes I’m kind of pushy when I want to make friends.  Bob didn’t appreciate me jumping on her head to say hi.

Next I met Mocha.  She is not much older than me and almost as tall as me.  She has a funny curly tail and we played like pals.

Mocha and I were a good match, Mommy said.  We both are ram-bunk-shus, Mommy said.  I think that means that we’re both cute and bouncy.

Speaking of cute and bouncy, I didn’t get to meet my cousin Pinky.  She sat in the window and barked at me and Auntie said Pinky doesn’t know that she is not a Pit Bull.  Since I don’t understand that I am not the same size as Pinky and I was pretty excited from playing with Mocha, I didn’t play with Pinky.

When we got back home I wanted to go to bed early and all day Sunday Mommy said I had a ‘fun hangover’ because I was so sleepy.  She even had to wake me up in the morning because I just wanted to sleeeeep alllll daaaaaay.  We did get to go to my shopping store and buy bully sticks and get some love and also we played in the yard.  Mommy and I played run and get it for awhile but then I was tired and thirsty so we stopped. 

I can’t wait to see my cousin Mocha again.  Next time I hope we get to play longer but that just might give me a two day fun hangover.

Hope you had a great weekend too!

4 thoughts on “Road Warrior

  1. Your cousins are quite adorable. My pushy lady likes to greet new friends with hands on the head too (or even a little humping, haha) but I still think they are good at making lasting friendships even if their first impressionms aren't the best!

  2. hahaha I love that you had a fun hangover, Ray! Hilarious! Sounds like you had a great time with your cousins! We wish that Athena enjoyed time with her cousin a bit more…but he's very grumpy and doesn't appreciate her puppy play =(

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