Tardy Tuesday

We’re dreadfully late with today’s post and as a result, this will be very brief.  Yesterday I stopped by the shelter after running some errands to make sure everyone who needed to be walked was done.  I know that when time gets tight, some of the “spunkier” dogs might not get out as much  and I wanted to visit with Miss Honor a little bit anyway. 

Honor and I are building quite a nice little relationship and though I want to write a post dedicated to her, I’m hoping she will be in her forever home before I get to it.  Now here is another little gal that I spent some time with yesterday.  She was a sweet, calm,  happy little (ahem) “terrier mix.” 

Based on her appearance and age she might not get a lot of looks but if anyone is just looking for a great companion dog… Just a Dog…then Abby is your girl.  Anyone looking for a forever friend may want to consider Abby.  She is nothing fancy, nothing frilly but oh my goodness the sweetness of this girl!  Her average Joe Jane  personality is just so great, I hope this little black dog garners some serious interest.

If you are interested in Abby, go visit her at the Allen County SPCA and see for yourself how great she is.

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