A Wiggly Jiggly Mush Bucket

His name is Storm and he could have been the love of my life, but he is definitely the love of my week.  We all know that my photographic skills are sketchy, so take this picture with a grain of salt.  This little block head is sweet, affectionate and eager to please.  If you’re not interested in being beaten with a constantly wagging happy tail, Storm may not be for you. On our walk if he was starting to get a little too far ahead or strain at the leash I’d stop, say his name and he’d walk back and sit, looking at me waiting for direction. 

When encountering strange sounds he walked directly beside me, touching my leg and when more comfortable, walked slighly away on a great loose leash for the most part.  At first I struggled with a title for this post, but when I thought about how he behaved whenever I pet him or spoke to him it came to me.  He’s a little wiggly, jiggly mush bucket.  I found it hard to not grab this little guy and take him home with me. 

If you would like your own little wiggly, jiggly mush bucket, run over to ACSPCA  and meet this fella.  What you don’t see in my photograph, you will understand as soon as you meet him. 

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