‘Tis the Season

Yes, it’s that time of year again when we engage in both a flurry of activity and time of reflection.  Ray and I have been participating in a thirty days of Thanksgiving project on Facebook.  We are trying to keep a mixture of things to be thankful for, from the little things to the large.  It’s also the time for lots of boxes to be delivered and this week was no exception.

“Mama, what’s in the box?”

Since we regularly get orders of treats or food for the fur babies in the mail, Ray was pretty sure this was mostly for him as well.

He was excessively nosey so excited that it was hard to get the tape cut and the box opened with his big jug head in the way.

But when I finally got it opened, imagine the glee for his puppy who LOOOOOVES his bully sticks.

So let me tell you what we got but first let me tell you why we’re so excited.  Every Sunday Ray and I go to TSC for some Ray-Ray lovin’ and to purchase a couple of bully sticks.  Our local has the best prices we’ve found in $5.99 for a 12″ bully stick.  The next cheapest place was over $8 for the same size.  Antlers as you may know are not exactly cheap either, even though the shed ones (at least in my mind) are cheap to free if they’re found.  So we ventured over to best bully sticks where we found the same 12″ bully sticks for just over $2 each!  Shipping was fast, too.  I placed my order on Moday and received the box on Thursday. So what you see in the picture is a 1 pound bag of antlers which ended up being 3 larger, heavier antlers, one antler burr, one large bag of Sam’s Yams and a bag of twenty-five 12″ bully sticks all for under $100.  If you haven’t ordered from this company before and decide to do so now, I’d be especially thankful if you would mention my name in the “where did you hear about us” box. 
If you enter a code that I will be happy to email to you, I will receive a 10% off coupon.  (email me at peaceabullassembly at yahoo)  Then once you place your order you can pass the savings along via the refer a friend program as well.*  Why does the 10% off mean so much to us?  One of the things we have in the works for the holidays is that we are doing an antler drive for the pooches at our local shelter and I’ve made a start on that with the order we got yesterday.  I think my sorority alumnae group will be participating and hopefully we will have an antler for each dog who might otherwise spend the holidays without.  The best thing about the antlers as opposed to a kong, say or a toy that can be played with in the kennel is that if it hasn’t been worn to the nub already, it can be taken home when the dog is adopted.  I’m very excited about this drive and hope it will be a success. 

Do you typically participate or lead collection drives during the holidays?  What has worked/ not worked for you?

*please note, I am not receiving anything for this other than the 10% off coupon, though I did sign up to be an affiliate and if approved you will see that  link in the sidebar eventually.

4 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season

  1. I'm headed over to check them out right now! We have yet to give Athena a bully stick, but I think she would probably love them! They are just so dang expensive at the stores!

    She does love her antler though!

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