Big Boy

Sometimes I’m dense.  It takes me longer to see the forest through the trees, so to speak, so it has always kind of shocked me that people constantly ask me what kind of dog Ray is.  No one has ever assumed (at least verbally to me) that he is a Pit Bull.  Though his dna came back as “not a pit bull” I still consider him a Pit Bull type and lead with that.  So a typical converstion goes like this:
Stranger, “What kind of dog is that?”
Me, “He’s a Pit Bull type.”
Stranger, “Really?” This is usually followed by any number of follow up statements which compel me to explain the American Bulldog/Boxer/mix and how Wisdom Panel doesn’t actually screen for APBT but does screen for Staffie and Am Staff, etc.  Ok my round about point being that I always considered Ray to obviously be a Pit Bull.  Yet, we have neighbors who thought he was a dalmation and I guess I can see why.

Until I saw this picture that my husband took last night.

It made me wonder if perhaps Wisdom panel meant that the “mixed” part of him was this?

Happy Moooo-nday!

4 thoughts on “Big Boy

  1. People always ask if white dogs with black spots at adoptions are dalmamtian mix–I'm always like no way, I don't think people realize how uncommon that actually is. Lots of pit bull type dogs have black spots!

  2. If I met Ray on the street I would definitely think he's a pit bull type dog and a darn cute one!

    It's too bad wisdom panel does not check for APBT, but I definitely want to do it for my pups one day just for fun. Whenever people ask me what they are I say probably pit mixes but who knows!

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